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Neal Ardley outlines short-term York City plan with recruitment key

“I want to win games of football, I’ve given most of the players a chance to show us what they can and can’t do. Most of it is dictated around what shape I need to play, but at the end of the day I want to win games of football. At the moment we haven’t been good enough to win games of football, we have done better and there have been improvements. I’m used to producing good numbers in games to give you a chance at winning more regularly, and we’re not really doing that yet. If we don’t get better players or improve then we’ll fall onto the wrong side of results rather than the right side of results. We need to do better, I’m not thinking that this season we will be fine, I’m thinking that we need to get better. It’s frustrating because of the cup replay as we’ve only had two full weeks of training because of the games and the fixtures, but there’s loads we can work on and improve. We’ve definitely got a short-term plan, one is to get the next couple of weeks and to improve the squad. One is to improve it going into Christmas, one is to try and come out of Christmas a little bit stronger. We’ve got a lot of players and we need to do a bit of training both ways really.

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